TANKOA T560 Apache


The TANKOA T560 Apache is a jewel reimagined, a super yacht that prioritises fun and friendship on the sea. Glorious at 56 metres, TANKOA’s latest Apache yacht maximises outdoor space. A magnificent tiered beach area claims the aft.
The T560 Apache retains the noble profile of its 76-metre forebear, TANKOA’s T760 Apache. The profound connection with the outdoors is a signature of this design, and the layered decks are as sleek as eagle feathers. On such a yacht, the journey is the destination.

Exterior Design


The yacht’s beach club comprises huge spaces for relaxation, socialising and activities. Nature is luxury, luxury is nature, and nature is outdoors. The beach area is a true gift of the outdoors and the yacht’s social hub, an upscale resort for friends who are family. The side bulwarks can be lowered to create a vast area with little to interrupt the eye. Breathe in the clear blue sky and emerald sea, then climb the external staircases all the way to the crow’s nest, enjoying the subtly shifting views as you ascend.

Interior Design


The yacht’s unique arrangement finds the guests cabins moved up to the main deck, per the owners’ wishes. Three VIP bedrooms propose mi casa, su casa, with maximum comfort and luxury for all. An informal dining/lounge space contributes to the carefree mood and abuts the outdoor beach bar, which overlooks the pool.
On the lower deck, the expansive gym and spa include hammam, beauty salon and massage room. The fold-down balcony invites starboard views and a fresh, salty breeze to accompany any workout.



The owner’s suite is a relaxing retreat on the upper deck with walk-in wardrobes for him and her. A private pool and a fire pit claim the bow, encouraging a mood of romance and an atmosphere of togetherness. Behind the owner’s suite is a comfortable living room, a place to kick back or watch TV. Further back, feast with friends in the formal dining room, outdoors. A second fireplace, at the rear, animates a cosy nook in which to unwind under the stars. Behind the wheelhouse, on the bridge deck, is further space for sun lounging and a bar-b-q. The observation deck, at the very top, supplies the ultimate sight line to the horizon.

Sunlight dancing on gentle waves, joyous peels of laughter, music in the background playing soft yet bright, claim this moment for eternity, simply friends living on the perfect yacht, forevermore.

Main Technical Specs

Length overall 56 mt (184 ft)
Beam (moulded) 10 mt (32,80 ft)
Draught at full loaded 3,00 mt (9,84 ft)
GRT approx. 840 GT
Displacement Max approx. 850 tons
Hull Stainless Steel
Superstructure Light Alloy Aluminum 5083

General Arrangement